June 2021 | Big Eddy Lodge

Natural Health Practitioners: Paul and Michela's Most Excellent Healing Adventure (1)

Reschedual: Delta Herbal Ball making, Delta Herbal Ball Therapy and Dynamic Thai Massage techniques workshop

Time & Location

June 2021
Big Eddy Lodge, box 304, Cumberland House, SK S0E 0S0, Canada

About the Event

Michela and Paul's Most Excellent Healing Adventure

Reschedualed for June 2021

A learning retreat for Natural Health Practitioners. Metis plant medicine, herbal harvesting and making of the Delta Herbal Ball, Delta Herbal Ball massage techniques, morning yoga and meditation, sauna, and water and land-based activities. Hosted by Michela Carriere of Aski Holistic Adventures and Paul Buffel, RMT


June 2021, Big Eddy Lodge, Box 304, Cumberland House, SK S0E 0S0, Canada A Cree/Metis owned and operated business on the Saskatchewan River Delta




8 Spots available

This event includes return boat travel on the Saskatchewan River from the meeting point just north of the E.B. Campbell Dam south of Cumberland House to Big Eddy Lodge, 9 home cooked meals, shared rustic log cabin accommodations and wood fired sauna.

Sharing of Metis plant medicine, forest walk, and plant harvesting led by Michela Carrier.

Delta Herbal Ball making, Delta Herbal Ball Therapy and Dynamic Thai Massage techniques workshop, and optional morning guided yoga and meditation led by Paul Buffel, RMT.

Travel to the meeting point south of Cumberland House is not included.

Cost: $1235.00

Deposit: $200.00

Paul Buffel, RMT of Broadway Health Collective, and Michela Carrier of Aski Holistic Adventures have teamed up to provide two unique Health Retreats at Big Eddy Lodge just South of Cumberland House.  

One retreat is for the public and the other is for Natural Health Practitioners.   

Experience authentic wilderness and Indigenous culture at Big Eddy Lodge owned and operated by the Cree/Metis Carrier family.  

Aski Holistic adventures have been nominated for a Provincial Tourism Award. Read about the nomination here: https://larongenow.com/2020/03/03/northern-adventure-company-up-for-provincial-tourism-award/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook


Here is what is included retreat:

  • -Travel by boat up the Saskatchewan River to Big Eddy Lodge             (~80 minutes)
  • -Welcome Tea Ceremony and 9 home-cooked meals
  • -3 nights shared rustic log cabin accommodation 
  • -Herb gathering and forest walk for sharing of Metis Plant Medicine
  • -Morning yoga and meditation
  • -Delta Herbal Ball Massage
  • -Wood-fired sauna
  • -Water and land-based activities

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Box 304 Cumberland House, SK S0E 0S0