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Michela Carriere

Adventure Guide   |   Herbalist   |   Beadwork Artist   |   Author

Michela Carrier founder of Aski Holistic Adventures
Michela Carrier
Michela Carrier
Michela Carrier

I am an indigenous adventurer from Big Eddy Lodge, 60 km northwest of the nearest town, Cumberland House, SK. This is where I was raised and currently reside, with my family, off the grid, deep in the wilderness of the Saskatchewan River Delta. It is a diverse ecosystem home to thousands of species of plants, animals, and birds and the largest inland delta in North America. I was homeschooled as a child, and later I studied horticulture at Vancouver Island University and Biology at the University of Saskatchewan. My post-secondary education allowed me to explore the blending of traditional herbal medicines with contemporary methods. I am now actively learning the traditional medicine of my people as I pursue the path of a Cree herbalist. My journey as a herbalist integrates natural therapies into my personal life and work. Passing on my knowledge and experience through ecotherapy workshops, I advocate for the harmonious use of herbal remedies and practices in modern life.

I have made several television appearances on APTN showcasing my way of life and my skills as an outdoorswoman.  My adventurous spirit propelled me to start Aski Holistic Adventures in January 2018. Since opening, I have acquired a client list including the University of Saskatchewan, APTN, Discovery Channel, and travelers from as far as Germany and Australia. Through Aski Holistic Adventures, I use a unique blend of philosophy, stories, sharing, and wilderness activities to provide spiritual, emotional, and physical healing while guiding clients through transformative experiences. 

I have gained extensive experience hunting and trapping game while working with my father and mother. My father is World Champion canoe paddler Solomon Carriere, who impressed on me the history, skills, and ethics of my ancestors. My mother is the world-class land-based educator Renee Carriere who guided me along my journey into teaching and sharing my knowledge.

I hope to bring those who visit Aski a chance to feel transformed by nature. On my retreats, I offer a supportive environment that helps you create memories with amazing people. My guided tours take you deep into the Canadian wilderness to connect with the natural world, while my traditional skill teachings delve into the practices of indigenous herbalists to heal your spirit. I am an experienced outdoor guide, herbalist and massage healer. I treat my visitors to adventures that explore the natural wonders of the natural world and foster meaningful connections to the area, its history, and people.

Teniki (thank you)


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Michela Carrier

Qualifications & Awards


  • Wilderness First Responder

  • Map & Compass Navigation Certificate

  • Service Best Training, Tourism Saskatchewan

  • Horticulture Technician Program, Level 1 & 2, Vancouver Island University

  • Pleasure Craft Boaters Licence



  • Best Outdoor Indigenous Cultural Experience (2018 ITAC Conference)

  • First Place 2018 Aboriginal Youth Ideas Challenge

  • Aboriginal Business Women’s Entrepeneurship Network 2018 Pitch Competition winner

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Cree Talks Podcast

Join your host Michela Carriere listening to Cree Talks. This podcast is a Cree language listening tool to experience personal and authentic stories with intertwined English translations.

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YouTube Channel

Videos of my life in the delta.


Merchants of the Wild

My appearances on the television documentary series showcasing a beautiful adventure of self discovery, teamwork and connection to ancestors.

big eddy logo.jpg

Big Eddy Lodge

Our family-owned adventure lodge located in Saskatchewan.


Eagle Feather News

Featured in interview for Eagle Feather News in March 2018.



Featured in interview for Wind Speaker in November 2020.


Canadian Geographic

Article featuring my Dad Solomon Carriere and the Saskatchewan River Delta.


Children's Book

I had the honor to illustrate for the book Muskrats and Fire by Renee Carriere. I worked with talented youth artists from Cumberland House on this project.


Grain Magazine

Get a copy of my fantasy love story "The Moth and the Fox" published in Grain Magazine.

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