My workshops seek to educate people on how to authentically reconnect with nature in our modern world. As an adventure guide and herbalist, I am here to show you the diverse delights of the landscape, share my life experiences, and help you discover natural healing in your backyard. 


Experience of a lifetime

An experience like no other; no cellphones, no internet, no roads. Immerse yourself in a natural wilderness adventure to build up your body and spirit, giving you new strength and a positive understanding of your true capabilities. An 18-foot wide teepee acts as the basecamp of your wilderness adventure.


Healing through nature

Discover the healing powers of nature in your backyard and transform your life. Guided tours take you deep into the Canadian wilderness to connect with the natural world, while ecotherapy workshops delve into the practices of indigenous herbalists to heal your spirit.


Personalized consultations

Whether you’re looking to challenge yourself on a wilderness adventure, a natural experience with an Indigenous influence, or simply a digital detox - Aski Holistic Adventures can provide the right experience. I will consult with you about your personal goals and develop an itinerary to suit your needs.


Challenge yourself

Workshops are tailored to your experience level, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned adventurer. Push your limits in a safe, guided experience and set new boundaries for your life.


Individuals, families or groups tours

From artists looking for new perspectives, families trying to strengthen bonds, to groups seeking a shared challenge, Aski Holistic Adventures has delivered transformative experiences to individuals and groups. Let us know how many in your group and we’ll discuss how we can accommodate.



Contact me to begin your workshop consultation today. 

Box 304 Cumberland House, SK S0E 0S0