Delta Beadworks

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Handmade custom moccasins made with moose hide, rabbit/beaver/coyote fur, glass beads, and sherpa lining.




Made with finest glass beads, swarski crystals, gemstones, feathres and leather. Hook or post earrings made for order, please contact for style, colour, etc.


Beaded Mitts


Beaded mitts with one of a kind designs. Made with elk or moose hide, beaver fur, lined with sherpa lining and neoprene. Stand out while keeping very warm.


Shirts and Suits


Add my custom beadwork to your favourite jacket or shirt.




4-5 inch wide medallions, made with highest quality glass beads. Custom piece, many styles available. 




Handmade moose hide purse with glass beads.
7inch wide, 6 inch deep, purse stap cutom size

Optional: seal skin or beaver fur back


Beaver Mitts


Superbly warm beaver fur mitts, harvested ethically by myself. Hand sewn, lined with sherpa and neopreme. Perfect for skidoing, fat tire biking, and all winter activities. 


Beaded Necklace


Beaded necklace using the finest glass beads, turquoise, swarski crystals, leather and fur products.




Beaded pin, made with finest glass beads and moose hide, Variety of styles, most popular is poppy pin. 2 & 1/2 inch diameter pin size




One of a kind Custom order beaded vest. Made with finest garment leather and glass beads, lined with lush satin. Please contact for more details on sizing and design.


Moth Necklace


One of a kind moth necklace, original Deltabeadworks design. Made with Finest glass beads, leather, mallard, and grouse feathers collected from my home. 


Framed Art Piece


One of a kind framed art piece, make an excellent gift. Showcase your love of beadwork on your wall. Pieces vary, contact for more information

Beadwork Order Form

My pieces are custom order, please fill out this form with your address and description of your dream product. Once we have agreed upon the design and piece, a non-refundable deposit of 50$ sent to is required to finalize the order.

Beadwork Product

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Important Information

I am a one-woman business and there is a waiting list to complete projects. 

Custom orders: My art is Metis inspired florals and birds. If there is a specific flower or motif you would like to include, we can discuss this further. I will take your ideas into consideration, but the final design is up to me.

You can choose depending on the availability of materials:
-Leather color of gold, black, or white
-Main bead colors such as blue flowers, green leaves, etc.

-I do not do sports logos, other beadworkers’ designs, copyrighted designs, or art taken from the internet. 

Product Care: This is a handmade natural product, care and attention should be made to keeping this precious art item away from water, extreme heat, grease, oil, and chemicals.

Shipping: Shipping can take up to 4 weeks, as I have to travel 60 km to the nearest community by boat. There is no road access to my home. If you are local, there is a chance we can arrange a pick up in Cumberland House or Saskatoon. Please send a message with shipping information.

Refund: I do not accept returns or exchanges on purchased items. There is no refund available once a purchase has been made. Deposits are non-refundable. The only time refunds on deposits are made is if the item can not be completed and I have to cancel the work order due to illness, family obligation, or any other reason for not being able to complete beadwork.

Thank you for supporting an indigenous women-owned business! You are greatly appreciated. this is a handmade and fair trade product made in Canada.